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This Boy's Daily Pledge Is Just the Pep Talk You Need to Start Your Day

Established a daily Pledge with my 6yr old to help him stay focused and to to hold him accountable for his actions during the school day! Now instead of me leading it.. He Does.. #RitualsStartAtHome #BlackLivesMatter #LoveBeingADad #OurBoysCanLearn JCW

Posted by Jenabu Williams on Friday, December 4, 2015

We could all use a little positive reinforcement in our lives, but some parents just have a knack for hitting it out of the ballpark. Jenabu Williams does just that with the daily pledge he and his 6-year-old son, Joshua, say en route to school.

"Today is going to be a good day.
I thank God for waking me up today.
I'm going to school so I can learn, go to college, and be the leader that God created me to be."

The pledge goes on to remind Joshua about the importance of education, being a positive member of society, and avoiding conflict.

"Today, I'll be empowered by my teachers with the tools to be successful within in my community and throughout my country.
I apply myself daily. I study. And I ask questions when I don't understand.
When I'm confronted with a problem or a conflict, I think before I react.
I ignore all negative influences in the classroom and throughout the school day."

The pledge came about after Joshua started coming home from school with some bad behavior reports. His frustrated parents didn't know what to do, until Jenabu thought about his work mentoring inner-city children and the affirmations he taught them. The Newark, NJ-based father modified the affirmations to suit his son and started teaching them to Joshua. They are now part of their daily routine to school — and they're working. The father said Joshua's behavior has improved.

"[Joshua] is able to self regulate and I think that is a skill that is not really taught," Jenabu told Today Parents. "I think now he is developing the skills and as he travels through the day, he is able to regulate himself."

We could all benefit from such affirmations as we start our days!

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