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Video of Parents Explaining Masturbation

Haven't Had the Masturbation Talk Yet? Watch These Parents Awkwardly Attempt It

The "masturbation talk" is an inevitable and uncomfortable one that many moms and dads dread. That awkward milestone is addressed in a new video that asked parents to discuss the topic with their children and allow them to ask any questions they may have.

In the video by Cut, parents of different backgrounds are met with varying reactions from their children. Though some of the kids can't help but cringe or uncontrollably giggle, other kids are less shy about the coming-of-age topic — even admitting that they've been curious about masturbation before. Things get very interesting when the parents are then tasked with explaining different adult toys, leading one kid to make sure, "These aren't used, are they?"

Though it's difficult to watch these parents navigate the topic to the best of their abilities, it's ultimately reassuring to know that — if and when you decide to have that conversation — it is uncomfortable for everyone, and that's OK.

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