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Viral Kid Videos 2013

Kids (Not Cats) Starred in the Best Viral Videos of 2013

If 2013 has taught us anything about what it takes to make a video go viral, the recipe is simple. All it takes is a cute kid (so basically, every kid) who's doing something sweet or funny, catching it on camera — and voilà! The YouTube hits will follow. This year we saw little ones with dance moves blow us away, brave kids battling cancer, and much more that we won't soon forget. Check out the best viral videos now!

Baby Cries When Mom Sings

One mom's serenade of the '80s ballad "My Heart Can't Tell You No" by Rod Stewart was just too much for her little baby to handle. From the moment she started singing back in October, the 10-month-old couldn't help but smile and then cry — and smile and then cry — as she goes through an emotional roller coaster. Either this little lady has the soul of a grown-up, or she knows how to give a really good performance.

Girl Reunites With Deployed Dad

While some parents handed out candy this Halloween, one father had an extraspecial treat up his sleeve for his daughter. Sgt. First Class Dave Wirtz, who had been deployed in Afghanistan, showed up to his daughter's class wearing a Spider-Man costume complete with a mask to disguise his true identity. Make sure to have the tissues nearby before watching this reunion — it's one even comic books couldn't do better.


Kids Sing Katy Perry at the Hospital

We couldn't help but smile in October when some children at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock proved that their illnesses couldn't keep their spirits down. Their lip-synch to Katy Perry's song "Roar" instantly went viral and racked up fans from around the world — and rightfully so.

13-Year-Old's Bar Mitzvah Dance

Just how big of a celebration should a child’s bar mitzvah be? If you have a child like Sam Horowitz, whose dancing is infectious, then perhaps you’d pull out all the stops with a musical show, too. In August, the video of Sam’s bar mitvah performance to Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again” at the Omni Hotel in Dallas went viral, and fans couldn't get enough!

Twins Share Bath Time

Twins start their lives in close quarters, sharing a special connection. So, it's no surprise that these newborn twins stayed so close during their daily bath in November. Filmed by a French nurse to demonstrate new bathing techniques, the pair couldn't keep their hands off of each other and stayed intertwined throughout the entire process. The aww-worthy video proves that the twin bond is more than just a myth.

Jimmy Kimmel's Classic Halloween Prank

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel struck gold again this year when he asked parents to tell their kids they ate all their Halloween candy and film it for millions to see. From screams to a few sarcastic remarks (and even a few unexpected swear words?!), the reactions had us laughing and sharing well after the prank was over.

Blind Girl Sings Miley Cyrus

Moms may not approve of Miley Cyrus and her use of foam fingers, but even they couldn't turn away from Joyce Jimenez's cover of "Wrecking Ball." The blind 11-year-old from the Philippines posted a video of herself belting away the chart-topping ballad. While her voice is enough to grab attention, the most impressive part of Jimenez's performance was her ability to keep up while following the braille lyrics.

Baby's Hilarious Reaction to Song

Little Amaya was peacefully sleeping in February . . . until her favorite song came on in the car. Just watch how she reacts – we promise her reaction will make you smile!

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