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Walking With Dinosaurs Movie Clips

6 Reasons to Get Excited For Walking With Dinosaurs

Forget everything you (and your kids) think you know about dinosaurs, and get ready to marvel at the prehistoric creatures' sheer size and beauty. Sure, your tots may think they know their way around the Cretaceous period after viewing more than a few episodes of Dinosaur Train and Dino Dan (which my kids are addicted to!), and having watched the Jurassic Park franchise, you may, too, but when Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie hits theaters on Dec. 20, all that will change.

Based on the 1999 BBC-produced television series of the same name and the arena show that's been traveling around the world, the movie forgoes the usual focus on popular species like the T. rex and Triceratops and focuses on the Pachyrhinosaurus, following three particular dinos from hatchlings to adulthood with voice-overs by John Leguizamo and Justin Long, among others.

But if you think this is just another dinosaur movie you'll suffer through for the sake of your kids, think again. Here are six reasons (with six exclusive clips!) you'll want to add Walking With Dinosaurs to your Winter break to-do list.


It's Truly Beautiful

Filmed in Alaska and New Zealand, the location shots that serve as the background for the film are simply stunning. The two locales serve as beautiful stand-ins for the Arctic Circle.

The CGI Is the Best We've Ever Seen

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has come a long way in recent years, and Walking With Dinosaurs takes it to an entirely new level. The producers used James Cameron's digital effects company to create the imagery, and they are the most lifelike we've ever seen.

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It's the Only New Kids' Movie in Theaters

The holidays are usually rife with kiddie-themed animated flicks, but this year, those movies all came out in time for Thanksgiving. So Walking With Dinosaurs takes the honor of being the only new film you can take the kids to over their Winter breaks from school.

Even Dinosaur Lovers Will Learn Something New

The grand dames of the dinosaur world barely make an appearance in the film, shining the spotlight on some lesser-known species. Among the stars of the film are Pachyrhinosauruses, Hesperonychuses, Edmontosauruses, Pterosaurses, and Parksosauruses — see, who knew Winter break could be so educational?

It's Funny!

I mean, how could a movie with Leguizamo and Long doing voice-overs not be funny? But we're not talking about silly cartoon humor here. The jokes are fun for kids and adults alike (and yes, there is some bathroom humor worked into it).

It Feels More Like an Experience Than a Movie

Have we mentioned just how lifelike the movie feels? Just as Jurassic Park seemed to transport audiences to the park 20 years ago, moviegoers will actually feel like they're living among the prehistoric creatures here thanks to some beautiful 3D effects and digital photography.

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