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Way Beyond Pickles and Ice Cream: 10 Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

Way Beyond Pickles and Ice Cream: 10 Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

When hubby came home with chicken ravioli instead of cheese, you burst into tears. And you chased down the ice cream truck for a full two blocks to get your cherry popsicle fix. It’s okay, intense pregnancy cravings are common. They also come in infinitely weird varieties. Curious to know what other woman devoured (or wanted to devour) during pregnancy? Read on…

1. Sponges

Yep, we’re serious! Aleksandra B. explains: “With both pregnancies I really liked the feel, smell and texture of sponges - the ones you use in bath/shower to clean oneself with!!! How weird is that... After giving birth that disappeared straight away!” Mandy A. felt herself drawn to sponges too: “I used to hide in the bathroom and put them in my mouth and try really hard not to swallow them...Sucking all the water out...yum!"

2. Meat

What's surprising about this craving is that many vegetarians claim it! Nicole M. recalls: “I craved steak…I had been a vegetarian before I was pregnant, but I guess I had low iron or something, because I would have killed someone if they stood between a steak and me.” Vegetarian Anna R. admits to giving in to a craving for poultry: “Sorry chickens...


3. Beer

Some women crave alcoholic drinks they never liked before pregnancy. Tiffany V. shares: "[I] had a very intense craving for beer (I hated beer before I got pregnant). Of course I never drank any but I could smell one being cracked open from a mile away and always wanted to sniff”

4. Pickles and…

Pickle cravings during pregnancy are par for the course, but the creative combinations they're eaten in are anything but ordinary. Amy K. shares: "Pickles & brown sauce on toast aww so yummay!" Meanwhile Shelly H. opted for “pickles and peanut butter" and "pickles that are inside a piece of ham,” while Heather D. yearned for "pickles with cream cheese." 

5. Cleaning Products

"Weird but true, I just craved the smell of washing powder," Sharon J. says. She's not the only pregnant woman to develop an odd attraction for cleaning products. Ashley S. shared: “I also love the smell of Pine Sol... it is amazing, I mopped the other day just to smell Pinesol and other times i just open the bottle and smell it." And Amy R. concurs: "With my second it was the smell of soap."

6. Raw Potatoes

Plenty of pregnant women crave French fries, but Vicki D.'s potato craving is more rare: “I craved with all my pregnancies raw potatoes. I would just peel them wash them and eat. If i didn't have any in the house I would sit and cry, it was that bad. The thought of it now is horrible.” Megan S. had the same urge: "I would keep cut up potatoes in the fridge in a bowl of water (so they wouldn't turn brown or dry out) and get up in the middle of the night just to get a few pieces."

7. Orange Juice—by the Gallon

Craving fruit flavors—from fresh lemonade to strawberry ice cream—may be common, but several Circle of Moms members only want orange juice, and in massive quantities. Hannah P. shares: “At about 6 months I had a huge craving for orange juice. I just could not get enough orange juice! Didn't really crave anything else after that 'cuz all I wanted was orange juice 24/7.”

8. Oddball Sandwiches

Moms have shared many interesting food combo cravings, but a few are particularly impressive. Haley S.'s, for example: "My weird one, and I mean weird, was squashed bananas on toast (which is actually not that bad and my kids love it even today) but it was with sardines too, on the same slice. Ugh!!! Made me cringe at the time and I knew it was soooo wrong but I had to lol." Equally interesting is Karen D.'s special sandwich: "Made a grilled cheese sandwich then dipped it in egg for the french toast affect. Then spread pb&j on top, added the syrup and m&m's yummy."

9. Dirt

"With my first born, I was 16 and craved dirt!" Says Amanda P. "Yes, dirt from the ground! My aunt would go outside, dig up dirt from the ground and put it in a gallon bucket and place it in the freezer....I would put it on everything I ate!!!! Cereal, toast, bagels, eggs, bacon, sandwiches, potatoes, carrots, I mean everything! Even candy! Drs said it was a mineral deficiency.”

10. Toothpaste

While Nikki H. did crave a certain taste, it wasn't an edible one: "While I was pregnant, I never got any cravings for foods....just toothpaste!!! I couldn't go into a store without going down the toothpaste aisle and just drooling at the thought! I couldn't eat a lot at a time because of it being harmful , but I did carry a tube with me at all times for random tastes!"

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