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Ways For Moms to Deal With Sleep Deprivation

Postpartum Mom's Survival Guide to Sleep Deprivation

Once you're a parent, you never get the same quality of sleep again. Well, maybe when the kids move out. Whether you are up feeding an infant or keeping your ears open for signs of a restless tot, you've kissed your hours of deep shut-eye goodbye. But, there are a few ways mamas with brand-new babes can help themselves adjust and deal with sleep deprivation.

Plan Ahead: While pregnant, take care of all your household tasks from cleaning the linen closet to organizing the nursery and freezing some homemade meals so you can focus on the baby once you bring him home.

Send Baby to the Nursery: Rest up before you are released. If you are comfortable sending your bundle of joy to the hospital's nursery, the nurses will tend to him and you can get some Zs before you head home without help.


Nap When Your Newborn Does: Even if you aren't tired, rest when your baby does. Learning to nap at the same time as your newborn can be beneficial for weary mothers.

Pump and Hand Over the Bottle: If your babe takes a bottle, pump and hand it to your husband. Allowing him to take on one or a few of the feedings will give you longer stretches of sleep.

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Eat Properly: It's not uncommon to get caught up in new mama duties, but don't forfeit a healthy diet. Eat nutritious foods that fuel your body so you don't tire easily.

Don't Watch the Clock: Counting hours of sleep rather than sheep can make a mama more tired. Ignorance can be bliss when it comes to how much dreamtime you are clocking.

Hop in the Shower: A quick rinse in the shower or soak in the bath may relieve tired muscles and trick heavy eyelids into opening.

Think Positive: The sleepless nights won't last forever! Your tot will eventually tire and allow you some shut-eye. Focus on the miracle that your newborn is and all the wonderful things he brings to your family.

Call in Supports: If you cannot function, call in support. Family members and friends (especially fellow moms) are usually more than willing to take advantage of one-on-one time with a cuddly newborn so mother can hit the hay.

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