Step Aside, Nannies β€” "Family Assistants" Are the New Way For Parents to Hire Help

Unsplash user London Scout

As a parent, finding the perfect extra set of hands to help you with your childcare needs can be a daunting task. On top of there being so much to look into in terms of background checks, qualifications, and experience, moms and dads also have to keep in mind how their needs as a family may change down the road. Although hiring a nanny is often the go-to choice for families who have enough disposable income, there might be a new attractive option for parents: family assistants.

What exactly is a family assistant?

A family assistant is a someone who has experience with child care as well as an administrative background. Usually, this person is college-educated β€” or has at least a few years of school under their belts β€” and can do a wide range of tasks from cooking family dinners to running errands to acting as a parent's personal assistant. The biggest difference between a nanny and a family assistant is that the person in question is specifically there to cater to the parents rather than the children exclusively. Yes, they'll be responsible for taking your kiddos from point A to point B, but they'll also be able to keep your house organized and cook dinner on the nights you can't swing it.

Who typically hires a family assistant?

When push comes to shove, any couple who's in need of a little extra help can hire a family assistant. But usually, you'll see family assistants primarily working for two-income families whose kids are a little bit older (read: not newborns). Having a family assistant can also be beneficial to moms who hold down full-time jobs or run a business out of the home. Typically, a person in the family assistant role is computer savvy and can help with everything from scheduling to compiling a guest list for your upcoming work event. Family assistants wear many hats, which makes them extremely flexible.

Are family assistants more expensive than nannies?

The short answer? Yes, but it it depends on where you live, if you use an agency, and what the family assistant's daily tasks are. In New York City, the average family assistant makes at least $30 an hour, compared to nannies who typically earn $20 to $25 dollars an hour. Of course, how much you pay them will depend on how much they have to drive, whether or not they travel with you, and if your family has a specific diet. You should also keep in mind you'll obviously have to cover all grocery and gas costs, too.

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