8 Gifts For New Moms That They Never Knew They Needed

Aug 8 2016 - 11:46am

Long after the last baby shower gift [1] is unwrapped and shortly after the baby actually arrives, new moms often realize that they didn't need all of that baby stuff [2] but did need a few things for themselves. Sure, everyone wants to celebrate the baby's impending arrival, but if you're heading to a shower any time soon or plan to visit a newly minted mom [3] shortly after her little one's arrival, consider gifting the new mama with one of our eight suggestions just for her.

She might not realize it right away, but these are gifts she never even realized she needed more than that 20th onesie [4]!

Beaba Bib Expresso 3 in 1 Baby Bottle & Food Warmer

She swore she didn't need any gizmos to help her warm her breast milk or heat a bottle — until it was 3 a.m., the baby was wailing, and the milk just wouldn't heat up fast enough. That's where the Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker [8] ($160) comes in. Like a Keurig for babies, this gizmo may seem like it's for babies, but it will save mom tons of time and frustration, ultimately making it a gift for her. For formula feeders, it fills the bottles with just the right amount of warm water, so when bleary-eyed moms want to focus on their screaming tots, they don't have to worry about measuring out the perfect amount of water.

Unbelievably Comfortable Slippers

Even if she was never a slipper person, once having kids, she will come to appreciate the warmth and comfort of a great pair. UGG's Scuffette Shearling Slides [9] ($85) are just the pair. Their shearling interior are just what a new mom needs to feel a bit pampered in the middle of the night.

A Netflix Subscription

Face it — between baths, feedings, and check-in calls with grandma — mom will be missing some of her favorite shows in baby's first months. With a Netflix subscription [10] ($10 a month), not only can she catch up on the shows she's missing, but she can also see movies she missed in the theater (because if you have someone to watch your baby, you probably don't want to waste that time in a theater) and start binge-watching new shows. Best of all, once baby moves on to toddlerhood, Netflix is packed with kid-friendly TV series and flicks [11], and by then, mom will be a pro at using the system.

A Mini iPad

If she doesn't already own a tablet, the iPad Mini [12] ($400) is the way to go. For now, she can load it up with breastfeeding apps [13], shopping apps [14], and even her new Netflix account, so she can keep everything she needs in one place. Later, that tablet will become a necessary distraction for her tot when it is loaded with Sesame Street episodes.

The Gift of Babysitting

Every mom needs a break, but just making the decision to hire a sitter is a big one. Help her cross that first hurdle with an offer to babysit. If you live nearby, gift her with homemade coupons to watch the baby while she showers, naps, gets her nails done, or even goes out for dinner with her partner. Live far away? Babysitting services like Urbansitter [15] give parents peace of mind by giving them access to reviews by parents who have used the sitters in the past — and they offer gift cards so you can give the gift of some time off to your friend.

Optrix PhotoX

A DSLR camera is the ultimate choice for taking photos of your kids, but your smartphone is a heck of a lot more convenient. As experienced parents will quickly tell you, though, sleep deprivation [16] and needy tots can often lead to phones ending up in the toilet, under the stroller wheel, or on the bottom of the pool. The Optrix PhotoX [17] ($64, originally $150) has more than just a waterproof case (though that's reason enough to buy one for a friend). It comes with two professional, all-glass lenses (macro and low-profile) to take truly high-quality photos with your phone — something new parents can certainly appreciate.

A Spa Day

Even moms who don't usually take the time for a massage will appreciate a day (or even a half day) at the spa. From sore shoulders due to wearing their baby carriers nonstop, to aching lower backs from all of the hours of breastfeeding, few new moms will turn down the opportunity to spend an hour alone, while someone works out the knots for them.

The iShower

We love music, and music in the shower is even better. And the Bluetooth-enabled iShower [Array] ($11) ca work its way through mom's playlist while she showers.

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