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What Moms Really Want for the Holidays

What Moms Really Want for the Holidays

Maybe you can't wait to open that special gift that your spouse or kids will have selected just for you at holiday time. Or maybe you're like Nikki S. or Tracey H., Circle of Moms members who live in fear of festively-wrapped boxes labelled with their names. One year, Tracey received a mini pack of wet wipes, "in case I needed to wipe my kids faces when they came out of school." And Nikki dreads what her husband will come up with next: "I swear my family has no idea who I am. My husband bought me this pair of poofy giant football slippers. I hate football." 

If you've received just about every stereotypical "mom" gift and are hoping against hope that this year, your family will come up with something better than a coffee mug or dust buster, print out the following list of what moms want most for the holidays. Then, stuff it under your partner's pillow or in your kid's lunch boxes. Happy holidays!


1. Sentimental Gifts

Many Circle of Moms wish their spouses would put some heart and soul into choosing a sentimental gift. Last year for Christmas, Brenda S.'s husband did exactly that. As she recalls, "He gave me a framed panorama of pictures he took of [me and] our daughter at the park. He said it made him understand how I felt sometimes! The picture is of me standing in the middle of the park and about 30 [images] of my daughter running, all around me. Some days it really does feel like she is . . . everywhere and getting into everything! The joys of being a Mommy." And Jennifer H.'s husband is paying for her to get a tattoo in remembrance of her mother, who died during the Christmas season a couple years ago.


2. A Pledge to Spend Time Together

Several Circle of Moms members report that rather than asking for stuff they don't really need this year, they want experiences. Jodi A. says she's talked her husband into a January trip to New Zealand. "So we decided to purchase ourselves some new suitcases (our old ones are ancient and falling apart)."

Experiential gifts can also be done on the cheap: As Amanda H. reveals, "We have decided to have a date night, movie and dinner. I know it's not much, but it is for both of us and we can afford it, after all [gifts for] the kids are more important."

3. Gadgets

For some Circle of Moms the gift they covet most is very specific, and they've been lobbing hints at their families for months. Kelly has already bought her husband a Kindle and put some of his favorite books on it, and wants an e-reader herself. "All I want is a Net book. Keeping my fingers crossed."


4. Jewels

Men never seem to lose on the gift giving front when they opt for jewelry – especially expensive jewels. Raelene C. was thrilled last year when she received "gorgeous ruby and diamond earrings and [a] matching necklace," especially because she and her husband usually keep holiday gifts modest and the jewelry was a big surprise.

5. A Little Help

Whatever fate awaits moms under the Christmas tree, moms pretty much always are gleeful to receive help around the house. "My husband did something sweet for me over the holidays by helping me as much as he could," says Jessica G. "He grocery shopped for the Christmas dinner supplies, kept the kids while I shopped, and took them out for a day so I could 'power wrap.' That's just to name a few! Those kinds of things are better than anything wrapped in a box! "

6. Ah, the Spa

Anything that pampers mom is a good idea for a gift, say many Circle of Moms members. "A gift card for a haircut or a basket of bath salts, lotions, wash, etc.," are at the top of Danielle B.'s wish list. Joanna B. agrees. "I was given scented candles and bubble bath," she says, adding, "Ooh, or maybe a pedicure!"

What do you really want for the holidays?

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