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What to Pack When Traveling with a Toddler

What to Pack When Traveling with a Toddler

We are a family of frequent travelers. I will surely miss the frequency of it once our daughter starts school. But until then, we keep packing our bags and exploring the world around us.

For international travel, I take a little more time and care in getting my toddler packed and prepared. I would never want to run into the problem of not being able to find something I really needed in a country far away from home. Here is a list of eleven items that you should pack if you are brave enough to take your toddler on your next oversees adventure.


Yep, even your newborn would need one if you they were traveling with you to a foreign country.  So make sure you apply for it early.



If your cutie is not yet potty trained, then you should take some diapers with you. It is not that you will not find diapers in a country away from home but, I really prefer to keep international trips simple by sticking with activities like relaxing, sightseeing, followed by more relaxing. In addition, the little derrière in my house likes to stick with brands of diapers that we know. Be sure to travel with your own plastic bags as well for proper waste disposal. Dirty diapers in combination with cramped or a small hotel room is never a good combination.  You can’t always depend on housekeeping to clean your hotel room on time anyway.

Diaper Cream

To prevent a vacation from being interrupted by an episode of nasty diaper rash or having the concierge track down an overpriced tube from the gift shop, I just travel with our own. If your little one is potty trained already, I'm envious and you should read on.



If you are using diapers, then wipes are in order.  The convenience of a pharmacy on every corner may not be available.

Favorite Toys

Between the long plane ride, layovers and keeping tantrums at bay, it is just a good idea to come prepared, period. Don't forget to pack your child’s favorite books as well.

Dried Snacks and Medically Necessary Liquids

Crackers, cereal and other travel friendly snacks should be packed to keep your toddler happy.  Depending on what airline carrier you travel with, your toddler may not be happy with the "gourmet" treats on the plane either.  Then again, most people aren't. Be sure to also travel with any necessary medication that your child will need. In addition, check with the TSA for restrictions on traveling with food and liquids. And please don’t forget to pack the sanitizer!

Lovey/Stuffed animal

Packing a child's “lovey”, is like an insurance policy.  You never know if you will need it but, always make sure that you are not without it.


Immunization records

Your child's vaccinations should be updated before you leave. Make sure that all vaccinations are up to date and that no others are necessary for the country you will be visiting. Talking to your child’s pediatrician and websites like are a great place to start. In any case, I always travel with the immunization records, just in case.

Digital Thermometer

This one is pretty self explanatory.  Since germs and bacteria are ubiquitous you have to be prepared.  I pray that you don't need it though.

Favorite Cup

When a toddler is away from home, familiarity is the key to keeping them happy.  So try to maintain a sense of normalcy by bringing familiar items (in moderation) along for the trip.

Children's Tylenol (Acetaminophen)

Since fevers do not discriminate whether you are in Bali or Alabama, it is always a good idea to keep a fever reducer with you.

Follow these tips to make your next family vacation healthy, easy going and stress-free.

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