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What a Parent's Responsibilities Are

Mom's Response to Someone Calling Her Kids Privileged Deserves Applause

"'Your kids are sheltered/privileged,'" begins Brooke Wolfe's caption on a beautiful photo of two of her children. "That's a slap in the face to any parent. It's basically saying, I'm condemning you rather than congratulating you for being a great parent β€” for making good decisions and sacrifices."

Parenting is not often referred to as a "job," considering plenty of people parent while also having careers and other passions, but through her post, Brooke is seeking to lay out to all parents what exactly it means to do the job of a parent β€” to raise good children.

"Yes, I keep my kids on a strict schedule so they feel safe, secure, and grounded. Eating healthy, exercise, personal growth, feeding their creativity and smarts are huge priorities β€” holding them accountable and correcting with reason rather than slapping them around. Bedtime stories, home lunches, praise, and lots of hugs and kisses. And protecting them like a lioness does to her cubs.

Does that make me a perfect parent or any better than the next parent? No! But everyday I wake up with the mindset to be better for them. Why? Because this parenting gig is bigger than me or you. WE as mothers and fathers are raising the next generation. WE are responsible for the beings we put out there to contribute to society. It ALL starts at home where the seeds are planted. Where we fertilize and water them to flourish and grow into beings that will basically run the world.

Parenting is a bigger job than any other damn career out there β€” and it's hard, man, is it hard. It's easier to do what's convenient or comfortable β€” or what our mothers and fathers did with us because it's what their parents did with them. A generational chain of parenting practices done 'just because.' Without reason or understanding of why. Parenting on autopilot."

Brooke continues, arguing that anyone who says that her kids are privileged because of the way she treats them needs to really think about what they're claiming. "To me, it's more like giving a sh*t and caring enough to stop and analyze rather than go with the flow," she wrote. "The choices that I make for them now will model choices they will make for themselves. Decisions that could, just maybe, shape the world some day."

The passionate mama-of-three ends her post on a positive note and with instructions for every parent out there: "Take a moment today to uplift your fellow parents. Speak life into each other, love, and courage. For WE are responsible for grooming our futures."

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