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What Should You Do When Baby Grabs Boobs?

Is Your Baby a Boob Grabber?

Babies have no shame. They burp and fart with abandon. They eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full. Basically, they do whatever they need to do to make them feel good in that moment, with no regard for social niceties. And for some babies, copping a feel is standard practice.

A few days ago my 18-month-old looked at a picture of his Dada and proudly identified him: Dada! A picture of me garnered the same level excitement; however, my lil one's sweet baby brain identified me as boobie. Not at all surprising as my son has had his hand down my shirt since he figured out what was down there. It made sense for him to be grabbing mama’s breasts while he was still breastfeeding, but we’re done with that, and he’s still obsessed with boobies. He is not picky — any pair will do.

Read more about my lil boob grabber.

"He's definitely a boob guy," we joke. I know it's normal and natural, but in the middle of the night when he is digging around for a nipple (usually mine), it's not that funny. It hurts. And if I’ve waited a day too long to cut his nails, it really hurts. I offer options. "Rub mommy’s face" or "let’s cuddle hippo," but nothing beats the boob. Ignoring (advice from the pediatrician) and removing his hand every time (advice from grandma) have had no effect. It's getting a little old (possibly bordering on creepy) that my lil one can't keep his hands to himself.

I don't want to shame him or scold him for something that’s perfectly normal. What do you think? Cut him off, or let him outgrow it naturally?

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