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When Being a Mom Makes a Woman Rude

Mind Your Mom Manners: Rude Things Mothers Do

Whether we want to admit it or not, motherhood changes us all. Most of the life alterations are for the better, but some things are for the worse. Though they may be unintentional or unavoidable, when children come first — a few common courtesies are tabled. Check out the things many mamas end up doing.

Forget about thank-you notes: We crossed all our "ts" and dotted every "i" in a timely matter pre-tot, but once babe took over our thank-you notes took a hiatus or fell into the "better late than never" category.

Eat and run: We enjoyed leisurely meals and lingering conversation while eating out with friends, then children came and the words "check, please!" followed by an abrupt exit became more common.


Interrupt conversations constantly: It's almost impossible to concentrate and express complete thoughts while carrying on a conversation when your tots are asking for help, swinging from the monkey bars or screaming.

Space out: We may be in a business meeting or engaging in chitchat, but our minds wander elsewhere — to the carpool rotation, the permission slip left on the kitchen counter or our infant's diaper rash.

Pull the mom card: Never missed a birthday fete, holiday soiree, or girlfriend get together before baby, but now our lil ones take priority and hiring a pricey sitter or gussying up after a sleepless night doesn't sound at all appealing.

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Shout in public: Hitting the mall for a shopping stroll changes when tots are in tow. Mums who never said boo before baby suddenly find themselves frantically shouting safety precautions, "Joey, do NOT step on that escalator — you will fall!" or "OMG! Where's Hannah? She was just right next to me. HANNAH? HANNAH?"

Stroller rollover: Size does matter when it comes to strollers, and since stores have aisles that barely accommodate them, it's impossible for a mama to see every foot or knee cap that is in the way when she swings the buggy around to make an exit. Unfortunately and unintentionally, a stranger's toe occasionally falls victim to the rubber wheel.

Talk, talk, and talk about their tots: Once a woman has kids, they inevitably become the topic of chitchat. What can possibly top having created human beings?

Hold up the line: Whether mom's in the bathroom stall or the dressing room, peeing and slipping into clothes with an entourage takes a bit longer — especially when the kiddos expect to be entertained.

Are tardy: Getting out the door suddenly takes a little or a lot longer. Last-minute diaper blowouts, spit-up stains, and tot tantrums can set mamas back no matter how much time they've allotted.

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