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When to Let Your Daughter Shave Her Legs

When to Let Your Daughter Shave Her Legs

Guiding your daughter through her preteen and teenage years can be a confounding experience for a mom, especially when the "right" age for various milestones feels like a moving target. Among the milestones that Circle of Moms members report as surprisingly tricky to tackle is when to allow your daughter to start shaving her legs.

Here we've rounded up three important questions to consider when you're dealing with this issue, plus some suggestions on how to get your daughter started once you've decided that it's time.

1. What Age is Appropriate?

Is there a right age? Many Circle of Moms members share that their daughters began requesting to shave between the ages of 9 and 13, and most moms feel that this age range is a completely appropriate time for a girl to start shaving.


But several moms say that their daughters wanted to start shaving as early as five and six! As Dawn relays in the Moms of School-Aged Kids community, "Would you believe one of my daughters asked if she could shave when she was five!...I told her she needed to wait a few years and that little girls are supposed to be hairy. LOL." 


2. How Hairy Is She?

Another issue that comes into play is the color and amount of hair your daughter has. "I allowed both of my daughters to start when they were 9 because they have dark hair and were very self-conscious about it," shares Melissa E. Others agree, saying that they'd be comfortable introducing shaving at an early age if their daughter had dark or thick hair.

3. Is She Feeling Self-Conscious?

Moms agree that the most important factor of all, more important that your daughter's age or the visibility of her body hair, is her self-consciousness about it. If she's uncomfortable or is being teased in any way, let her start! As Teresa shares: "If she's uncomfortable with her leg hair... it's time, regardless of age. Just make sure she knows that if she starts... it's a lifetime commitment. ;)"

Teaching Your Daughter to Shave

  Circle of Moms members emphasize that moms should teach their daughters how to shave properly. Jennifer B. "really went over the "'how-to's'" with her daughter, "letting her watch me a couple of that she wouldn't nick herself." Other moms recommend starting your daughter with an electric razor and letting them know that you're happy to answer any questions they have. As Brenda S. suggests: "Give your daughter the supplies she needs, a couple of lessons, and [make] yourself open for further questions."

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