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Who Is the Girl in the NFL 100 Super Bowl Commercial?

Who Was That Girl in the NFL 100 Super Bowl Commercial? Um, an Absolute Legend, That's Who

Although there were tons of inspiring commercials that popped up on our screens during the 2019 Super Bowl, far and away one of best was the NFL's The 100-Year Game ad, which was chock-full of anyone who's anyone in football from Joe Montana to Odell Beckham Jr. But a teenage girl, named Samantha Gordon, was certainly one of the people in the ad who stood out the most amid all the professional NFL players. So who exactly is this 15-year-old all-star? Probably your daughter's next hero.

Sam Gordon first made headlines when she took her all-boys tackle football league by storm back in 2012. She scored 35 touchdowns and rushed for more than 2,000 yards. After her dad, Brent Gordon, posted a video of Sam playing on YouTube, she instantly rose to fame for her quick feet and fearless spirit.

"When she was about 3 or 4 years old and we would play soccer out in the yard with my older son . . . and they'd try to be a little bit rough with her and even intentionally try to kick the ball at her and she wouldn't be fazed and would keep getting up," Brent told Good Morning America back in 2012. "I kind of had an idea that she's got an aggressive mentality back then."

And as Sam's gotten older, she hasn't slowed down a bit. In 2015, Sam and her dad officially helped found the Utah Girls Tackle Football League — the first all-girls tackle football league in the US — and in 2017, Sam won the first-ever NFL's Game Changer Award, which was created by the league to celebrate individuals who helped the game move forward. And now, she's appeared in a Super Bowl commercial among some of the NFL's greats. You go, girl!

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