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Why I'm Proud to Be a Single Mom

Why I'm Proud to Be a Single Mom

Why I'm Proud to Be a Single Mom

Being a single mother is not a status moms should feel sorry about, asserts Circle of Moms member Riza P. When friends or co-workers say they are sorry to hear she's single, she simply responds, “You do not have to be sorry nor sad, I am not.” In fact, she says, she’s proud of all she has had to accomplish on her own.

Like Riza, many Circle of Moms members who are parenting solo agree that they actually have a lot to crow about. Here they share some of the reasons.

1.  "I'm a Master Juggler"

Though Vicky P. is sad that her children "haven’t had the best male role models,” she's proud of the way she has learned to manage the care of four children entirely on her own. “I hold my head high and I see [that] married women envy how I cope with a job, [a] mortgage, and four children.”

Stacey H. lists some of the many responsibilities she's successfuly managing on her own: "working, going to school, helping with homework, giving showers, brushing teeth, laundry, cleaning, dishes, grocery shopping, bank, paying bills, shoveling, cleaning gutters, mowing the lawn, changing the oil in the car, buying new tires, going on field trips, meeting with teachers, doctor's appointments, cleaning the garage, doing repairs, changing the light bulbs, etc.”

Kirstin E. is another single mom of four who has learned to “do just as much work if not more than when I was married, [which] was like having another kid.”


2.  "I'm a Hard Worker"

Sarah F. gets overwhelmed by being a single mom sometimes, but in the end she's proud that she has learned to work so hard to make it all happen for her kids. Her challenges have turned into accomplishments, she says. "I know I am doing my best [in both] a mother and father role. Money is hard, yes, and I am lonely sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way. We are proud and our children will look up to us for all the hard work we do.”

3. "I Went Back to School and Bettered Myself"

Like many single moms, 27-year-old Jillian T. was a stay-at-home mom when she got divorced. She's now proud that she has returned to school to get an education and improve her opportunities and earning potential.

4. "I Succeeded As a Teen Mom"

Surviving and thriving when you have a child in your teens is not easy. That’s why Samiya H. is so proud that she's been able to keep and care for a daughter she had at age 15. She offers others in that situation some encouragement: “I would just like to say that I am proud of all teen/young moms who do take care of your babies, and support them, financially and/or emotionally."

Toni L., 19, and a single mom with a 21-month-old son, looks back at the job she has done so far and declares that, "I am so proud of my boy, and I love the thought that by the time he is old enough to look after himself (high school) I will still be young enough to have fun.”


5.  "My Kids Are Thriving"

Finally, what makes many Circle of Moms members who are single particularly proud is that their kids are strong and healthy – physically and emotionally. “I was a single parent for the first 13 years of my son's life and I was very proud of my life,” says Stephanie M. “I found a good paying job that allowed me to purchase a home on my own. My son is polite and well behaved.”

Tara W., who is also parenting “with no help," says she's raising kids who are "moral, responsible and decent men and women," which is "something to be very proud of.”

What are you most proud of as a single mom?

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