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Why I'm Thrilled to Have Another Girl

Why I'm Thrilled to Have Another Girl

Why I'm Thrilled to Have Another Girl

Well, if you haven't heard the news, we're pregnant again! And further, though I was positively convinced that we'd be having a son, just a few weeks ago I was proven wrong. Instead we are preparing to welcome a second little girl into our lives! Iris and the new babe will be a mere 20 months apart, and it got my wheels turning about how these two angels will surely become the best of friends. At least that's my hope!

I had my own sister growing up. There was a larger gap in our age and we were very different — different interests, different personalities, different circles. But even for all that stood between us, there were a few things that drew us close — then and now — simply because we were and are sisters. Sisterhood is a special bond. You're bound to hate each other and love each other; but no matter what, some things between sisters always stand tried and true

Based on all that my sister and I shared, here's what I hope will be the same for Iris and her new little "bubbah." (Ahem, that's "baby" in Iris-speak.)

1. Coordinating Outfits

I mean, is this a given, obvious, even shallow point to make? Perhaps. But when my sister and I were young, we dressed like twins all the time. And, naturally, the outfits I'm remembering were from an age where I was old enough to force her into costume; but still, whilst I have the control over my little girls' wardrobes, I'm just imagining the combinations I can create. Picture-worthy for sure.

The good news is, this also includes closet-sharing. All those outfits that were SO darling (and far too expensive) that Iris only got to wear once? Well, saints be praised! They'll see the light of day again, and somehow that will justify that one time I went on a Janie and Jack splurge. Once they're older, they may even enjoy sharing each other's closets. I don't think my sister minded my hand-me-downs; and we certainly like to peruse each other's clothes now!


2. Sharing a Room

Our tiny little Denver bungalow offers no extra space for even our family of three, and so my kids will be sharing the nursery. Obviously, if we'd had a boy, this would have worked just fine for quite some time. But now that I know we're having a girl, somehow the room sharing seems a luxury! I can just make it the cutest little space for them and have all our precious girly things in one darling place. They can set up kitchen and doll cradles and art easels, to share and create together.

My sister and I shared a room for quite awhile. When I think back to even those times when we weren't the best of friends, it was sharing a room that helped us remember why we loved one another. It's like a sleepover every night, and those nights you can't sleep, the silly stories and the giggling just come spilling out. I can't wait for my girls to have that time together.

3. Always Having a Companion

When you're little, everything is made more fun with a friend: trips to the grocery store, forced quiet time, vacations. When you have a sister, you always have a companion around. My sister and I were the best of friends on a lot of our vacations and road trips. It was so nice to have a buddy along, to share in the experiences and to pass the time. 

With my little girls so close in age too, they'll be taking on life together. As one moves into one phase, the other will always be following close behind, so I love that they'll never be too far removed from where the other is. I, of course, expect them to have their own friends and to do things independently; but I hope that they also recognize the joy of always having a partner in life (and, I imagine, crime).


4. Always Having a Confidante

I'm ridiculously close to my mother. I never felt the need to hide things from her because she always accepted me and was loving and encouraging. But she was still my mom. And I'll never forget the first time that I talked to my sister about something, something that I'd not told anyone, not even my mom. Telling my sister was like telling my mom, because she is family; she accepted me and was loving and encouraging too. But being my sister, she was more my peer, not an authority figure. It was freeing to recognize that I had that ability to share with her, that I could be wholly myself and honest on a different level than I could with a parent. And my sister has trusted me in the same way. A sister is so often the best place to bounce ideas and secrets because she knows you and loves you like family, but can take on the world with you like a friend.

5. Disney World!

I don't have specific sisterly memories of my sister and I at Disney World together, though we've made the trip several times in our lives. But for some reason, when we found out we were having a girl, the first thing I said to Trevor was, "Omigosh! Can't you wait to take the girls to Disney World?" So,I suppose it's just a little bit of my own childhood self that I'll be forcing on to my two little gals. But I think they'll like it. 

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