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Why My Second Pregnancy Is Better

Why My Second Pregnancy Is Better

I will spare you the bemoaning that surely accompanies a second pregnancy, because, girlfriends, it is not comfortable. While I'm sure I took the brunt of some first-pregnancy discomforts, the second time around (especially so soon after first) is just altogether painful sometimes. I know that the hip pains and back aches and stomach stretching (even bigger still!) will all be worth it in a few [hopefully] brief weeks, and I try to focus on that in the morning instead of the painful reality that is rolling out of bed.

That said, though, there are a few reasons why my second pregnancy has been significantly easier than my first. And that's not to say that I'm enjoying it more or even favor one over the other; it's just a simple fact: some things are really good this time that weren't last time.

1. I'm not as worried.

When I was pregnant with my first, every little thing got to me. Every "bubble" in my stomach or day I was positive I didn't feel the baby move enough — each tiny detail, was enough to make me jump and sweat and cringe and worry like I suppose any first-time mom-to-be does. This time, I'm more prepared for those little jabs in the butt or even the days when baby is feeling sleepy and just not moving as much. I'm simply not as worried.

2. I'm a mom already.

Boy, was I smart choosing to be pregnant all summer, huh?! But honestly, I spent the first two-thirds of this pregnancy forgetting that I was, in fact, pregnant, thanks to my high-energy one-year-old. Even the days when I felt sicker than I'd have liked or just more tired, I had an incredible, bubbly, exciting distraction: Already being a mommy to my beautiful baby girl. 

3. I'm exercising.

I did not heed this advice last time I was pregnant. Overwhelmed with 18-weeks of morning sickness to kick-off a rather unexpected pregnancy, I settled into couch potato mode very early on. This time, as I mentioned above, that's not an option. My days are filled with running at the park, going on walks, and chasing after a toddler who is bound to get into everything. When I have the energy, I try to do some pre-natal exercises too. It has made all the difference in how I look and how I feel. I'm gaining just a very healthy amount of weight and I feel less sluggish — even at 30 weeks in the middle of August!


4. I'm more emotionally mature.

Whether or not you were planning to be a mommy, I think pinpointing your emotions in your first pregnancy can be tricky. There is so much to take on, to work out, all in the face of this big unknown event. Already having experienced all that and being on "the other side" of motherhood, I feel like I'm tackling this second pregnancy with a sense of emotional maturity. I still have my days where I break down and feel bad (depression during pregnancy and not just after is a very real thing!); but this time I know what's coming. I know the joy of my baby being born into the world, of being her mommy, of watching her grow. And this time I'm able to look forward to it with expectation.

5. I have confidence in confidence alone!

Oh, why thank you random stranger giving me baby advice or telling me that my OB is wrong, I'm actually having a boy; but I've been pregnant before, and I'm totally able to carry on during my day without your words ringing in my head. When I was pregnant with my first, I took everything to heart, even the things coming from complete strangers. I think it's hard not to. And I'm not trying to say I have it all figured out — I certainly don't — but I have a certain confidence in being both pregnant and a mommy this time around. It makes it easier to casually thank all the advice-givers, take their words with a grain of salt, and smile that, this time, I already know the answers to a lot of questions.

Of course, every pregnancy is different. In fact, this pregnancy has been so different from my first, for awhile I was convinced I was having a boy! It's been fun to experience my pregnancies so differently. During the first, I had those sweet moments of intimacy and silence, readying my heart as best I could for what I didn't know, preparing for the first little one to come to our home. And this time, with experience under my belt and a house bursting with love already, we are simply preparing to multiply that. But with the heat still pounding at our front door and my 18-month-old hitting a sleeping lapse, I am so grateful that I can say, this pregnancy has been easier. Thank you, little one!

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