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Why It's Okay Not to Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday

Why It's Okay Not to Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday

Why It's Okay Not to Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday

Your baby's first birthday is coming up. Plenty of parents make a big production out of the milestone. So “is it wrong if you’re not throwing a first birthday party?” Circle of Moms member Terrie R. wonders. “My daughter's first birthday is tomorrow and we didn't make any plans for a first birthday party or anything,” she frets.

Kristel, another member with a soon-to-be one-year-old, is a little more resolute. "What is the real reason for putting out all this money into a child's first birthday?" she wonders.

If you're approaching your baby's first birthday with questions  like Terrie's and Kristel's, rest assured. Here, Circle of Moms share five reasons why you needn't throw a big first birthday bash.


1. Your Baby Won’t Remember It

“I must admit I think it's pretty pointless having a party for a child’s first birthday, as they don't remember it,” says Michelle B. Her daughters didn’t have their first “proper” party until they were in pre-school and made friends of their own.


2. The Money is Better Spend on Other Things

Kristel, the member who voiced concerns about the expense of throwing a big party for her baby daughter, feels that the money would be better spent elsewhere, like on "her education, or her next birthday party, [one] she would remember."

Rashmi R. and a member who calls herself "Phoenix Rising" agree. They both point out that it’s actually smarter to save the money for a big bash when your child is old enough to remember the festivities. After all, when she's in school, she will insist on celebrating her birthday with a party because all of her friends are doing so.

3. The Party Isn't Really for the Baby

To be honest, the first birthday party is more for adults than the kids, says Nicky. It’s really the parents, grandparents and friends who are celebrating, not the birthday baby, says Erin C. This is why first birthday parties typically wind up feeling like a picnic or barbecue with friends and family, rather than a kid’s party, as Jodi observes.


4. Crowds Overwhelm Babies

Big parties are also notorious for upsetting the birthday baby, who may get tired as the party goes on, or may get upset with all the people surrounding her, says Eva D. Many moms agree with her that 1-year-olds typically can’t handle big crowds.

Catherine R., for one, threw a first birthday party for her eldest son and says he didn’t enjoy it at all. “He wanted to just do his normal, everyday routine and play with his new toys,” she shares. When her second son turned one, she just took him out for lunch with his uncles and grandparents. This way of celebrating was so much better that she's now planning the same type of outing for her third son’s first birthday.

5. There Are Better Ways to Commemorate the Day

As Catherine's story illustrates, there are many good ways other than parties to acknowledge the milestone of your baby's first birthday. Zoe K. recalls that she and her daughter had a fun, unplanned adventure together, chasing a snowstorm and stopping in at different cafes along the way. Darling P. is taking her family on a vacation. And Ali W. recommends simply making sure to capture your child on camera doing something cute or even just eating a single cupcake, so that you preserve a memory of her special day for a photo album.

After all, says Jessica B., the most important thing about the first birthday is not the party but rather the acknowledgment of “how truly blessed you are to reach this milestone,” and that your child is “healthy and beautiful."

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