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Woman Endures Labor for 75 Days to Save Her Babies

Woman Endures Labor for 75 Days to Save Her Babies

Extended bed rest during pregnancy is hard enough as it is, so we were were floored by Joanna Krzysztonek's story. This Polish mom lay in a bed with her lower body elevated for 75 days to stall full-on labor and save the lives of her babies.

Krzysztonek had gone into labor very early and as a result, one of her three fetuses was born prematurely and died. To keep the other two babies inside for as long as possible, her doctor advised her to put her legs up. This reduced gravitational pressure on her cervix and enabled the babaies to get to 32 weeks. Krzysztonek gave birth to twins Iga and Ignacy on February 15th.

The babies are currently in incubators but are expected to leave the hospital soon. And the brave new mom, who at first had trouble finding her balance, is back on her feet.


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Image Source: Huffington Post
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