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Women's Post About Moms on A Day Without a Woman

To All of the Moms Who Can't "Take a Day Off" Today

In honor of International Women's Day and "A Day Without a Woman," Kayleigh Woolard envisioned posting a beautiful and empowering post on Instagram celebrating mothers.

However when she woke up this morning, this mom had a change of heart and decided to be honest on social media. "I'm feeling anything but empowered today. The skills I have as a mom and a therapist are so undervalued in our world that it sometimes feels like they aren't skills at all," she wrote on Instagram.

Along with a picture of her and her kiddos dressed up in red, Kayleigh pointed out all that moms do — both big and small things — that most people fail to value. "I mean when was the last time someone got a job or a raise for empathetic relating over 'peeled vs. unpeeled apple slices?'" she wrote. "Have you ever seen someone put 'ability to forgive repeatedly' on a résumé?"

So instead of dedicating her post to all women, Kayleigh aimed her post specifically at all of those who don't have the option to take a day off, even if they wanted to:

To all you women who make little to no money as caregivers, teachers, matriarchs, counselors, partners, mentors, and friends — thank you! You may not get to strike today, but know that everyone would feel it if you did. We are playing a long game here ladies, building better humans that love liberally. (Yeah, go look up liberal again . . . in a dictionary)

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