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Women With Pregnancy Remorse

Mom-to-Be Panic: Did You Experience Pregnancy Remorse?

There are "aha!" moments and there are "What did I just do?" ones. Parenthood is full of both. The prospect of becoming a mother can make a lady anxious. In response to a recent post about women who have IVF and then abort, an anonymous commenter said:

I was really excited to get pregnant and then when I realized I was, I was suddenly like, "Oh no, what did I just do!? My life is over now!" but that's actually a fairly normal reaction I found out, and once the news had time to set it I started getting excited again. I wonder if some of these women just panicked? But I also agree with above posters that I doubt this is a very statistically significant number of women to begin with.

The remorseful moment can be fleeting and the mom-to-be may embrace her new role. Did you experience any of these feelings while with child?

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