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Work Perks For Moms

9 Things I Would Do For Mom Employees If I Were a Boss

Work Perks For Moms
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The working mom struggle is real, and sometimes, the simple task of getting out of bed in the morning is a daunting one. The day ahead presents us with many monotonous yet arduous tasks. We wake up way too early each morning in hopes of sneaking in a full, relaxing cup of (hot!) coffee before we hear the first of many "Mommm!" yells of the day. Mornings are filled with chaos, and by the time we arrive at work each day, we're already exhausted and ready for bed.

But while the mornings are tough, the evenings can sometimes be even tougher. And all that time in between? We work. We hustle, meet deadlines, answer important calls, attend meetings, and stare at computer screens. When do we ever catch a break? The answer is usually never. That's why, if I were a boss, I would make work more like a small escape for my fellow busy moms. It would be a time to recharge, breathe deep, and even pamper ourselves a bit . . . while still getting things done, of course. Keep reading for nine work perks I think should be mandatory for all parents.

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