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A Working Mom's Nightmare

A Working Mom's Nightmare

A Working Mom's Nightmare

Did you struggle with telling an employer you were pregnant, nervous that you would be penalized in some way?  The story of newly pregnant Amy Zvovushe, 31, shows that women still face discrimination in the workplace related to pregnancy. In Amy's case, sharing her good news with her employer resulted in a request that she resign.

Even though Federal and state laws ban discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace, Zvovushe was told in no uncertain terms by someone in her company's Human Resources department that maternity leave was not in the cards for her. Amazingly, this savvy mom had the presence of mind to record the conversation, and she was able to use the recording as leverage to secure both her job and her maternity leave.

Now, activists in New York and Ohio are fighting legal battles to obtain better protections and promises for pregnant women around the country.

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Have you ever faced discrimination at work because of your parenting responsibilities? 

Image Source: Huffington Post
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