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"Yep, I'm a Liar!" 4 Common Reasons Moms Lie

"Yep, I'm a Liar!" 4 Common Reasons Moms Lie

"Yep, I'm a Liar!" 4 Common Reasons Moms Lie

Can a little fib here and there make a mom's day run a whole lot smoother? "Yep, I'm a liar!" says Sarah M., unapologetically. "Sometimes a little white lie isn't the worst thing in the world," she adds, citing classic mom fibs like the one about how sitting in front of the television for too long gives you square eyes. "I have been known to tell my daughter that a ride was 'broken' and the shop 'wasn't allowed to sell sweets today.' Does that make me bad? I don't really think so."

Below, four common reasons moms lie, as confessed by Circle of Moms members.

1. To Keep Up Appearances

The pressure to be a "perfect" spouse or mom can propel a mom to tell lies that range from lighthearted to serious. Katharine C. says she once claimed that braiding her daughter's hair was "a cinch" when she actually bribed her with candy, wrapped her leg around her "so she would sit still, [and] cried, screamed and begged her to behave."

On the serious side, Deanna J. lies "about how wonderful my marriage is when really I want to hang him about 60-70% of the time." Emma N. lies about money, specifically to her mother-in-law: "I'm like oh yeah, we're fine." And Tara K. lies about her feelings. "I am depressed and anxious a lot of the time lately. I tell people that I'm a-okay."



2. To Stay Sane

Often the need to tell tall tales simply is driven by the desire to keep your sanity."I have to admit that when my kids have gotten loud annoying toys that won't shut up, I'll take out the batteries and tell them they broke," says Lindsay H.

3. To Avoid Arguments

Numerous Circle of Moms members fib to their kids to avoid pointless arguments when they lay down the line or say "no" to a request. Melissa H. explains that lies help her shield her daughter from inappropriate television shows, efficiently. "If there is something coming on that I see is bad, I tell her she's already seen that show and turn it off." And Kimberly J. confesses that "I've told them that when the ice-cream van is playing music, it means they've run out of ice-cream."

4. To Get Kids to Behave

When it comes to telling small fibs to their kids, many Circle of Moms members say that Santa Claus is mighty useful for quickly reining in naughty behavior, especially in public places. Sarah M. has even "told them that the alarms in supermarkets will go off if they're naughty."

What little white lies do you tell?

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