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Yippity Sippity Stroller on Weeds Made Shane Steal

What Kid Gear Have You Passed Up Because of the Price?

The sticker price of parenting is a huge shocker when you're just entering mommydom. On the "Yippity Sippity" episode of Weeds, new big bro Shane ventured into a baby store to buy a replacement stroller and learned the (faux) Yippity line was going to cost him $1,000. He asked what he could get for a $100, and the curt salesman told him a Yippity Sippity cup holder. The story of our lives. Shane made a move most of us can't, leaving the store with the pricey wheels . . . without whipping out his wallet. Unless you want to end up in the mommy pen, stealing isn't acceptable, but leaving the store empty-handed is a reality in a world filled with $2,000 cribs and $50 bibs. What goodies have you walked away from because of price?

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