Dear Daughter, You Can Do Anything

My Baby Girl,

Welcome to a very powerful time for women in the US. You are joining them. I am one of them. We, incredibly strong women, are speaking up. Our silence has been broken, one by one, hundreds and thousands. Our voices are echoing loud for those women in other worlds who may still be silenced. We talk of freedom, equality, strength, and taking no more. We desire to be given the same chances as men, because something you should know is that you can do anything. Choose your path. If there comes a time where you need to stand up for other girls who may not know how powerful they are yet, do that. Show them your strength, show them the power of being a woman.

But it is also OK if you sometimes crumble. I do. Some days, I am in a puddle. Show your emotions; don't fear them. Mommy cries, too, of beauty and during hard times. Don't be scared of these tears, because your emotions are power. There may be people who tell you not to cry, but know that sometimes people are afraid of emotion. Roar when you get angry, but don't let the anger overwhelm you. Try to channel it into action and strength for what you are fighting for. Or breathe deeply, closing your eyes and letting the anger pass. People will upset you. Tell them they did, and if you can, try to forgive them because forgiveness is freeing.

As you fly, this girl full of power, remind me if at times I hold you back. I am here to help guide you as you learn and grow, but I hope you can feel free to soar to new worlds, meet the girls of other countries, their mothers and sisters . . . your sisters. It may be hard for me to see you go. I will likely worry every day, not because I don't believe in you, but because you are part of me forever.

The most beautiful things happen when you love yourself.

As you make decisions about your life and love, put yourself first. This is not selfish. Self love is the most important thing and will enable you to love others. The most beautiful things happen when you love yourself — opportunities, people, and places will enter your life during these times. Some will stay and some will go, but take lessons from all of them, and leave what doesn't suit you behind. Be you!

Believe in something great. It doesn't have to be God — it can be or it can be many gods, but believe. Believe in fate and the power your thoughts have to manifest beauty. I didn't believe for a long time, but when I started to, when I was in love with myself and my thoughts were positive and happy, that is when I opened my wings and crossed an ocean. It was a time where I was the best me, when I found my life's work, and when I met your dad. I felt the true power of love and fate then. It was the perfect time to start a new path that would eventually lead to creating you. For that, believe in your power, tiny girl full of strength, and know that I love you.



Amma Rhea Photo