This $99K Airstream Is a Shockingly Luxurious Way to Travel

There are travel trailers — and then there's the brand-new Airstream Globetrotter. This opulent "Glamper" is the perfect travel vehicle for the sophisticated family on the go. The 28-foot "silver bullet" boasts a surprisingly airy, modern minimalist layout with several floor plans to accommodate families of up to six people. Every amenity was designed with ease and luxury in mind, including the top-of-the-line kitchen and bathroom fixtures, abundance of charging ports, cozy dining banquette, and premium audio. "With its sleek, clean lines, elegant features, and intentional touches, it surrounds you in a style that feels like it was made for you, elevating each and every adventure you set out on," Airstream's website reads. But this luxury comes at a cost; models start at $99,000 — yikes! Got wanderlust and deep pockets? Then this is the trailer for you. Peek inside the superluxe interiors ahead.