Comedian Ali Wong Shares Toddler's Hilarious Comment About Drinking "From Her Boobies"

Comedian Ali Wong is funny as a mother — literally. The mom welcomed her second daughter with husband Justin Hakuta in December 2017, but as it turns out, she somehow seems to have two babies on her hands. Wong says her 2-year-old daughter, Mari, is suddenly trying to revert back to her baby years. In a short segment of The Ellen Degeneres Show, Wong describes a particularly hilarious interaction between her and Mari, which had Ellen in tears.

"When the new baby came, my toddler was like, 'Mama' — she wanted to be a baby all over again — 'I want to drink milk from your boobies,'" Wong tells Ellen. "And I was like, 'The fact that you can complete that entire sentence disqualifies you. That, and your full set of teeth!'"

See the hysterical clip that Ellen "can't stop laughing" over above.