Stop Everything and Admire This Family's Alien Costumes — Complete With a UFO Wagon!

Everyone, kindly pack your belongings, put away your sewing machines, and just give up now because one family already won Halloween. Thanks to the endless rabbit hole that is the world of Instagram hashtags, we just now discovered the Hibbard family's costume from 2016, and it's so darn amazing, we're willing to grant them our "Best Family Costume Award" an entire year later.

Back in 2016, Jenny Hibbard, her husband, Matthew, and their two kids, Valli and Wilder, dressed as martians, and honestly, it looks like they just landed from outer space. Wearing various reflective pieces they bought online, the Hibbards donned shiny silver outfits and clear space helmets. Since her son was barely even 1 month old at the time, Jenny decided to give the family's vibe an added extraterrestrial touch by making her green baby sling look like an alien face with cutout felt pieces. Genius!

The vintage Airstream trailer in their driveway was the perfect shiny background to make their group photos look truly memorable. But wait, we haven't even discussed the best part: Valli's epic wagon-turned-UFO masterpiece! It took Matthew a few nights to assemble it, Jenny told us, and all that effort was certainly worth it. He created a wooden frame for the Radio Flyer wagon, spray-painted it silver, and carved out holes for puck lights and colorful glow sticks that illuminated at nightfall. For an added metallic touch, he attached some reflective material around the bottom of the wagon. The icing on the cake? Jenny repurposed a bubble chair from her living room to become a dome on top of Valli's homemade spaceship. "That was a last-minute addition against my husband's will," Jenny joked to us.

If you're in a costume-picking rut and need some inspiration to go truly above and beyond with your family's costumes this year, read on to see the Hibbards' truly out-of-this-world ensemble in all its glory.