Amy Schumer's Puking Video Montage Proves Being Pregnant Can Be Straight-Up Uncomfortable

By the looks of her Instagram account, comedian Amy Schumer loves spending time with her 4-week-old son Gene more than anything. And while she likely wouldn't trade those sweet moments for the world, her pregnancy journey was a lot less picture perfect. The 38-year-old mom has previously opened up about her hyperemesis gravidarum diagnosis and shared just how, er, unglamorous breast pumping can be, but her recent puking video montage takes the cake in the honesty category. On June 5, she shared a "Thank You For Your Consideration" video that begins innocently enough — with her sitting outside a waterfall — but then it cuts to video footage of Amy throwing up while working during her pregnancy. And yep, that seems like a lot of puke. Although it might be hard for people with queasy stomachs to get through, the clip makes an important point: growing a baby in your uterus can be damn hard.