NFL Star Andrew Hawkins's Son Wises Up

UPDATE: Good news, sports fans! After kicking his 2-year-old son out for rooting for another player, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins has welcomed the tot back with open arms. Of course, the little boy had to make a wardrobe change before being allowed back in the house. Scroll down to get the backstory on this adorable family feud.

Austin Hawkins may have just learned one of life's biggest lessons the hard way. The 2-year-old son of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins was asked an innocent question by his dad — "Who's your favorite player?" Unfortunately for Austin, his response — his dad's former teammates, Cincinnati Bengals wide receivers A.J. Green and Mohamed Sanu — was not the right answer. The result? The tot was playfully removed from the family home — backpack and all — by his dad with the parting words "good luck." Austin, next time remember where your bread is buttered! As the NFL star said in his Instagram post, "Only Hawkins fans allowed under my roof." Front Page