Anna Faris Chasing Her Son Is a Reminder of How Kids Are Going to Make Us All Lose Our Damn Minds

Whenever Anna Faris's son Jack grows up and inevitably complains about his mom, I hope some good Samaritan will stop him, get out their iPhone 27, and pull up a decades-old Instagram video to set this ungrateful kid straight.

But for now, this short video – posted without comment – proves that parenting is physically grueling, emotionally exhausting, and most certainly what will make us all lose our f*cking minds.

The clip, filmed in dramatic slow-motion, shows Anna fearfully chasing after her 6-year-old son on the beach as he sprints gleefully toward a large pile of sand. Before she's even remotely close to catching him – never mind explaining to him to proceed with caution – he jumps from the highest point. Faris futilely shouts "Don't!" as Jack most definitely does.

As comedian Whitney Cummings hilariously noted in the comments section, "I love that you look up to God at the end like WTF."

Anna, thanks for the reminder we didn't even need.