This Wine Is Infused With Cold-Brew Coffee Because You Shouldn't Have to Choose

Some all days you need coffee. Some all days you need wine. Why should you have to choose between the two? Well, now Apothic Wine says you don't — the brand just launched a brand-new red wine called Apothic Brew, and it's infused with freakin' cold-brew coffee. That means you're about to save some serious time on both decision-making and washing dishes when Apothic Brew launches on April 1 because you can check off both your favorite beverages in one go.

The brand describes the coffee-infused wine as an adult beverage that "captures the smooth mouthfeel and velvety chocolate notes of cold brew with the juicy blackberry characteristics of a dark red wine." In other words . . . Count. Us. In!

The limited-edition release has 13.5 percent alcohol by volume, but unfortunately its caffeine level is a lot less than you'll get in a standard cup of coffee; if you're just looking for the comforting flavor of coffee while you relax and unwind with a glass of red, though, you'll fall in love with Apothic Brew. You'll be able to pick it up where other Apothic beverages are sold starting in April. Cheers!