The 1 Product That's About to Make Bathing Your Baby So Much Easier

There's nothing more annoying, difficult, and, quite frankly, fear-inducing than bathing a small and wiggly baby in a tub. Between the fact that tubs are so huge that it takes forever to fill them up with water at the perfect temperature and clunky bath chairs take up so much space (and often lose their suction on the bottom), bath time ends up being a fuss every single day.

Enter: the Baby Dam.

This revolutionary mom-invented bathtub divider is about to change the way you bathe your babies, and as its website says, save you time, water (about 15 gallons per bath!), space, energy, and money. The Baby Dam ($40) comes in two sizes to fit both US and EU tubs and features a rubber bottom and flexible sides which allow you to section off a part of your tub so you can can bathe your tiny baby in a safer, more comfortable space.

Scroll through for a few demo photos of this latest why-didn't-I-think-of-that product featuring very cute (and clean) babies.