This Heartbreaking Story of a Baby Dying From Chewing on a Phone Charger Is an Important Reminder

With technology taking over our lives, parents need to be extra careful with their devices and chargers around young children, and this tragic story about one baby in Kazakhstan is an important reminder of that. The details of this story are terrifyingly sad because chargers are an essential in our daily lives, but when one mom took a nap next to her baby daughter, she woke up wondering why she was so quiet. She realized her daughter was not breathing and had no pulse.

The mother rushed her to the hospital, where doctors declared the baby dead. It was later determined that the baby died after being electrocuted from chewing on the wires exposed in the charger.

A photo taken by one of the child's nurses exposing the baby's burned hands and arm is now going viral. The photo was reportedly posted with the warning, "do not leave your babies unattended with chargers." Although children are often playing in rooms with gaming systems or other electronics, this is an important reminder to make sure these wires are not around your baby. Parents will do just about anything to keep their children safe, but sometimes accidents happen and now this one mom's tragic story is spreading awareness for parents to put their chargers away.