The Important Warning About Leaving Babies Unattended Every Parent Needs to Hear

A baby tragically died after being left alone on a changing table, but not because she fell off — Laci Lynn Taylor's 3-month-old baby passed away after suffocating on the table while unattended.

According to Des Moines, IA, police, the infant rolled over, compressed her neck on the ledge of the changing table, and could no longer breathe. Authorities have since charged Laci with child endangerment resulting in death.

Although court documents show that Laci was aware that the infant could roll over, her husband, Don Taylor, said that the child's compromised airway was a "horrible freak accident" that could happen to any parent. "I have no ounce in my body that blames my wife at all. She was actually getting my daughter a bottle, and that's what happened, and that's why she wasn't in the room at that point," Don said. "They can say whatever they want, but it was an accident."

Despite her husband's feelings, the mother-of-two has officially been charged with child endangerment resulting in death following a four-month investigation. Des Moines police Sergeant Paul Parizek commented, "The fact that she left the child alone for an extended period of time is what makes it criminal."