Parents Credit This Baby's Extra Thumb For Potentially Saving Her Life

When one mom gave birth to her baby girl four months ago, she was overjoyed not only to meet her daughter, but also to have the difficult pregnancy over with. Little did she know at the time that the stress was just beginning but luckily, baby Quincy was born with a blessing in disguise: an extra thumb.

It was immediately obvious that Quincy had an extra digit, which led to some additional testing that might not have otherwise occurred. "If she wouldn't have had this anomaly (along with her missing kidney), they never would have sent us to see a geneticist, who referred us to a cardiologist," her mom, Caitlin Haidle, shared with Love What Matters.

It was at that first appointment that the doctor discovered her congenital heart defect that required surgery. "She is such a strong, beautiful baby and we feel so very fortunate that she is ours," Caitlin wrote. "Quincy is our little heart warrior!"