If You Don't Want to Fist Bump These Parents For Dressing Their Baby as a Mandrake, You're No Harry Potter Fan

Facebook | AnnaMarie Stephens

AnnaMarie and Corey Stephens, two Harry Potter fans from Frisco, TX, certainly know how to capitalize on having an infant around on Halloween. In a post that's making its rounds on Facebook, AnnaMarie shared photos of her son dressed up as a Mandrake, and frankly, we've never seen anything more fitting.

Known for crying incredibly loudly, wizarding fans will recognize this wailing "plant" from the Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets. And obviously, given the ear-piercing shrieks, AnnaMarie and Corey were sure to dress up as Hogwarts students, complete with pairs of much-needed earmuffs. Now, if only we had a pair for the middle of the night! Scroll through to get a look at this creative costume.