80+ Names From Popular TV Sitcoms You Are Going to Want to Use For Your Baby

There's nothing better than sitting down to watch an episode of your favorite sitcom on TV. You know, the ones that you can quote effortlessly, you have seen every episode of several times, and are so easy to watch that they are your preferred background noise for whatever task you're performing. Chances are you know and love the characters on those shows as if they were in your personal friend group, so what better way to honor them than by choosing a baby name that matches one of the fictional characters you have grown to love?

Read through for baby name inspiration from some of the most popular sitcoms, past and present.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

If you feel like you're one of the gang sitting at MacLaren's every night, a name chosen from HIMYM would be the coolest future name story for your little babe (a story shorter than Ted's, surely).

  • Barney (Stinson)
  • Carl (MacLaren)
  • James (Stinson)
  • Jeanette (Peterson)
  • Lily (Aldrin)
  • Luke (Mosby)
  • Marshall (Eriksen)
  • Penny (Mosby)
  • Quinn (Garvey)
  • Ranjit (Singh)
  • Robin (Scherbatsky)
  • Ted (Mosby)


If you still quote Seinfeld in every sentence you speak, don't ever let go of the love you have for the show by choosing a baby name from one of the main characters.

  • Cosmo (Kramer)
  • Elaine (Benes)
  • Frank (Costanza)
  • George (Costanza)
  • Jerry (Seinfeld)
  • Newman
  • Susan (Ross)


Never be on a break from Friends again by naming your baby using one of the show's beloved characters as inspiration.

  • Chandler (Bing)
  • Estelle (Leonard)
  • Gunther
  • Jack (Geller)
  • Janice (Litman Goralnik)
  • Joey (Tribbiani)
  • Judy (Geller)
  • Monica (Geller)
  • Phoebe (Buffay)
  • Rachel (Green)
  • Ross (Geller)
That '70s Show

That '70s Show

If you wish you still lived in the decade of lava lamps and bell-bottoms — or maybe you just really miss Eric Forman's basement — one of these names could totally fit your baby.

  • Donna (Pinciotti)
  • Eric (Forman)
  • Fez
  • Jackie (Burkhart)
  • Kitty (Forman)
  • Michael (Kelso)
  • Midge (Pinciotti)
  • Red (Forman)
  • Steven (Hyde)
Modern Family

Modern Family

As an ode to one of the most popular shows on television, choose a moniker for your kiddo from any member of the hysterical Dunphy/Pritchett gang.

  • Alex (Dunphy)
  • Cameron (Tucker)
  • Claire (Dunphy)
  • Gloria (Delgado-Pritchett)
  • Haley (Dunphy)
  • Lily (Tucker-Pritchett)
  • Luke (Dunphy)
  • Jay (Pritchett)
  • Joe (Pritchett)
  • Manny (Delgado)
  • Mitchell (Pritchett)
  • Phil (Dunphy)
Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond

If the Barone family holds a special place in your TV-loving heart, a feature of one of their names on your child's future birth certificate would be the ultimate tribute.

  • Ally
  • Amy
  • Debra
  • Frank
  • Geoffrey
  • Marie
  • Michael
  • Raymond
  • Robert
Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

If you're still mourning the ending of this hilarious sitcom, you're not alone. Honor one of the best series ever to grace the tube — and the city of Pawnee — with a baby name taken from one of its characters.

  • Andy (Dwyer)
  • Ann (Perkins)
  • April (Ludgate)
  • Ben (Wyatt)
  • Chris (Traeger)
  • Donna (Meagle)
  • Garry ([Jerry/Larry/Terry] Gergich)
  • Leslie (Knope)
  • Ron (Swanson)
  • Tom (Haverford)


With a name from this beloved show, your child will always have a place to go where everybody knows their name.

  • Carla (Tortelli)
  • Cliff (Clavin)
  • Diane (Chambers)
  • Ernie (Pantusso)
  • Frasier (Crane)
  • Lilith (Sternin)
  • Norm (Peterson)
  • Rebecca (Howe)
  • Sam (Malone)
  • Woody (Boyd)
The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Naming your baby after a hysterical television (or real-life, in Amy's case) scientist from the Big Bang crew may be the "smartest" way to go. Bazinga!

  • Amy (Farrah Fowler)
  • Barry (Kripke)
  • Bernadette (Rostenkowski)
  • Howard (Wolowitz)
  • Leonard (Hofstadter)
  • Penny
  • Priya (Koothrappali)
  • Raj (Koothrappali)
  • Sheldon (Cooper)
  • Stuart (Bloom)