Batman and Batgirl Just Announced They're Pregnant With a Little Sidekick

James and Alisha Doherty are basically Batman and Batgirl. The pair dress up as the duo often for kids' parties, charity events, and fundraisers, but their latest dress-up session occurred so they could make a very important announcement: they're expecting a mini sidekick — Robin, more specifically — very soon.

In a post to Reddit, James wrote, "My wife and I have a sidekick on the way," which was accompanied by a gallery of photos of the badass announcement. Commenters couldn't hold in their excitement and offered their congratulations while exclaiming what cool parents the Dohertys are going to be. One even photoshopped the original announcement photo (above) to make it look like Batman was receiving the news in front of his computer — where he was video chatting with Alfred — in the Bat Cave!

Ahead, check out the rest of the gallery photos from the super announcement and the photoshopped "fan" version.