This Beach Chair Doubles as a Wagon Because Miracle Inventions DO Exist

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As a native New Jerseyan, there's absolutely nothing I love more than parking my rear on the beach for a few hours. Nothing beats digging your toes in the sand, right? And while getting some sun and splashing in the waves ensures tons of amazing family memories, getting all your kids' gear from the parking lot to the beach is an entirely different story. Thankfully, those headaches and miserable moments of hauling all the beach toys, chairs, sunscreen, and whatever else up the steep dunes are in the past, thanks to this incredibly useful Mac Sports Beach Day Lounger ($100, originally $109), which also doubles as a wagon.

Yep, you read that right: just put all of your kids' stuff in it and roll it to the perfect spot in the sand before folding it down into a comfortable beach chair. Scroll through to get a look at this must-have Summer contraption (which would also be amazing for sports parents!).

Snag your very own Mac Sports Beach Day Lounger ($100, originally $109) and kiss all your headaches and hauling goodbye!