This Beer Advent Calendar Will Take Your Merriness Up About 4,236 Notches This Holiday Season

Give Them Beer
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Anyone who considers themselves a no-nonsense Christmas-lover is completely aware that the anticipation leading up to the big day is half the battle. Other than decorating your home with garland and making sure every ornament is in place, all you've left to do is wait for Santa to come cruising down the chimney. Thankfully, there's a age-old way to kill time: by drinking, of course. And this handy Beer Advent Calendar ($90) is the best way to get a little tipsy while waiting to open presents.

Created by a company called Give Them Beer — how fitting, we know — each Advent calendar comes with 12 days of full-size craft beers that include selections like Dirtwolf Double IPA, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, and Racer 5 IPA. Read through to get a look at the product, and pro tip: you'll want to order yours ASAP since they get delivered during week of Nov. 19!