Would You Pay $30 to Get Into Your Family's Thanksgiving Dinner?

Unsurprisingly, the users of Twitter are tweets deep into a controversial debate right now. Today's topic: would you pay $30 to eat at your family's Thanksgiving dinner party?

Chances are you just had a strong (possibly visceral) reaction, but whether your initial thought was, "Totally, Thanksgiving food is expensive," or, "Hell to the no," Twitter is about to engage you in a mind-spinning back-and-forth debate . . . with yourself. Ahead, we gathered some of the most valid tweets on both sides of the argument — we promise, you're not going to be as sure of your opinion on this subject as you thought you were after the tweets get to you.

Once you get to the end, let us know the verdict: would you cough up the dough (or, if you host, would you charge an admittance fee) or not?