The Magical Story Behind This Little Girl and Her "Prince Charming" Best Friend

According to Aurora's dad, his little girl is named after a Roman goddess, but if you ask her mom, Melissa Miksch, she'll tell you that her daughter's moniker came straight from Sleeping Beauty. Having this love of Disney since birth, princesses have always been special to the mother-daughter duo, and Melissa purchased her daughter a Cinderella dress years ago in anticipation of when her daughter would be old enough to wear it.

In the meantime, Rory has had a "prince" since her first day of preschool when she met her best friend, Charlie. "He was one of the first kids she came home talking about two years ago after starting school," Melissa told POPSUGAR. "It took her quite a while to learn everyone's names, but Charlie and her were joined at the hip from the beginning."

Now that the pair have finished preschool, they won't be going to the same elementary school for kindergarten. Since Melissa happens to be a professional photographer and that special dress finally fits Rory, she decided to create a unique photo shoot to capture the kids' precious bond. "This was a great opportunity for us to really document this time in their life where they're still really close, because you never know where life will or won't lead them when play dates are the only time they see each other," she said. "I love that the shoot isn't just fully directed poses but really captures the magic of childhood."