Attention Parents: This Is the Only Gift You Will Ever Need to Give Your Child's Teacher

If you have a child who has any type of teacher, we have solved the (bi)annual "What do I get my child's teacher as a gift?" conundrum once and for all.

Wine. It's wine.

But this isn't just any bottle of wine, this wine has a label that sports a brutally honest parenting confession — it admits openly that sometimes kids are the reason you drink. It also acknowledges that the saints teachers who take care of your kid, plus 20 other nuggets, on a daily basis may have one or two tiny reasons they feel like they need to unwind at the end of the day — your child possibly being one of them.

This gift doesn't just say "Thank you," it says, "I know that your job is hard, and I know that my kid may not always be perfect. I appreciate you, so please drink some of this when you're frustrated with me for enrolling him in your class."

Simple, hilarious, and thoughtful — just the way all gifts should be. And the best news? You can purchase your own labels right here.