Seeing This Student With Disabilities Being Asked to Prom Will Make Your Heart Swell

Im going to prom!!! The video didn't post on the first one... I'm so excited 󾌵󾌵󾌵󾌵 and we are wearing his favorite color blue󾬓

Posted by Brianna Nicole Nave on Monday, March 14, 2016

This was a memorable day for one Indiana student — and not just because a Star Wars cake was involved!

When Brianna Nave decided to ask her friend, Dell, to prom, she pulled out all of the stops for her heartwarming promposal. The epic moment, which was captured on video, started by Brianna surprising Dell in the middle of class. The lucky guy, who has developmental disabilities, received a Star Wars cake, water bottle, and cluster of balloons along with Brianna's important question.

As soon as the high schooler asked Dell if he would be her date to the dance, the thrilled student literally started jumping for joy, grabbed his chest, and enthusiastically exclaimed, "I'm going to prom!"

This video proves that the prom can be about more than just fancy dresses and photo opportunities; it's also a chance to make lasting memories and a difference for fellow students. "Everyone should be able to experience the excitement that comes with being asked to prom," Brianna told FOX59. "A lot of people have said it's nice, but I believe that it is simply doing the normal thing and showing honest care to everyone."