This Kid's Honest Answer to a Homework Question About Anger Is So, So Perfect

Teaching kids about emotions is important, but teachers need to know that if they intend to probe into their students' feelings, they better be ready to hear some hard truths.

Reddit user LucentPhoenix posted a snippet of his 10-year-old son's recent homework assignment online after discovering the boy's very honest answer about anger.

When asked to "describe a time when you've felt really angry," the fifth-grader didn't hold back: "When I found this homework in my backpack."

It turns out that the assignment was part of a popular social-emotional health "Second Step" curriculum. The lesson of this particular worksheet was all about empathy, and perhaps this introspective boy got the message. In his answer to the follow-up question, "What did you do?," he must have put his frustrations aside and rose above: "Did it," he wrote simply.

Now, we don't want to upset you further, dear student, but just a heads up: this is only the beginning of you needing to channel that anger. Keep it up!