The 6-Year-Old Boy Who Used His Savings For Disney to Help Hurricane Evacuees Was Given a Free Trip!

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Update: After hearing about the story, Disney surprised 6-year-old Jermaine Bell with a trip to Walt Disney World!

When a child hears they're going to Disney, they likely spend all year dreaming and planning for it. So when 6-year-old Jermaine Bell saved up money in order to celebrate his 7th birthday at Disney World, he probably didn't plan on giving all the money away and forgoing the trip entirely. But that's exactly what he did. After learning about Hurricane Dorian evacuees in South Carolina, the thoughtful young boy put his Disney fund toward a different cause: he took his savings and bought food so that people escaping danger could have something to eat.

"The people that are traveling to go to places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they're going to stay at," Jermaine Bell told WBJF news. He stood on the highway and passed out hot dogs, chips, and water to evacuees. "I wanted to be generous and live to give," Bell said.

This generous act of love and compassion is so lovely to see, and it's incredible to come from someone so young.