Why This Breastfeeding-in-Public Photo Is Causing a Major Debate — but Not About Nursing

These days it seems like if you want to spark an Internet debate, all you need to do is post a breastfeeding snapshot.

While this dad wasn't necessarily hoping to incite a controversy over this image of his wife, the picture of Sharny working out has gotten many people talking. The photo shows the mother-of-six nursing her 2-week-old son while simultaneously working out.

"I caught Sharny multitasking today. In public. ‪#‎breastercising‬," Julius wrote. "I don't get the whole breastfeeding in public problem. It's not disgusting at all." Even though the Australian father and personal trainer posted the photo in support of the controversial topic of nursing in public, that's not what people are taking issue with.

Commenters are upset that Sharny, also a personal trainer, is potentially jeopardizing one-on-one time with her newborn son just for a workout. Many believe that children deserve parents to be completely in the moment with them and claim that even multitasking mamas can find 10 minutes to concentrate just on their child.

However, Sharny explained that her relationship with her little one isn't at all compromised by #breastercising. "A lot of people think it's gross or strange or that I should be bonding with Magnus, but I feed six times a day, I'm not exercising every time and when I do I'm also watching the kids ride around on their scooters and play outside," Sharny told the Daily Mail Australia. "It's not like I'm running or leg pressing or doing weights, I'm doing squats and lunges as they are the easiest things to do while feeding. Then at night we sit quietly and feed."

No matter what your opinion on multitasking while breastfeeding is, we're just impressed by her dedication and form!